Infrared Sauna Buyers Guide 2021

Top selling infrared saunas all reviewed and recommended for all budgets and needs.

So you are thinking about buying a sauna?  There are several benefits that you will experience with your new-found habit, but first you need to go through the process of discovering what sauna is right for you.  Luckily for you we have done the research and gone through the good and bad of the hottest saunas on the market to bring you this list.  Happy future sauna bathing, thank us later.

Interested in compact portable saunas?

If you are looking for lightweight, low cost, individual saunas look here.

The Good

  • Simple assembly (tongue and groove)
  • Digital controls which allow you to easily customize the time and temperature
  • Comes equipped with a decent sound system that works with most devices
  • FSC certified “green wood” (no chemicals added)
  • 5 year warranty

Possible Complaints

  • The door does not provide full coverage from drafts or warm air seeping out from the bottom.
  • It does not reach its advertised maximum temperature
  • Does not display current temperature, only the target temperature
  • Complaints of high EMF readings

Top Seller

The Good

  • 140 degree heat
  • 6 carbon heaters
  • music capability system
  • Solid Canadian hemlock
  • Chromotherapy
  • 15 amp 110 volt outlet (standard)

Possible Complaints

  • A little cramped for two people
  • Complaints some people would like even more heat

“Great Value”

The Good

  • Simple assembly
  • 5 year warrenty
  • 8 carbon fiber far infrared heaters
  • 8 Carbon fiber heaters
  • FSC certified “green wood” (no chemicals added)

Possible Complaints

  • Takes a longer time to heat
  • Its weight means front door delivery may not be possible
  • Requires a dedicated 20 AMP outlet

Best Mid-Sized Option

The Good

  • 15 amp 110 volt outlet (standard)
  • Digital touch control panel displaying time and temperature
  • Simple to put together
  • Double paneled wood
  • Six energy efficient carbon infrared panels (low EMF)

Possible Complaints

  • Cramped for 2 people
  • Air leak near the door
  • Confusing instructions

Best Corner Option

The Good

  • Easy assembly
  • Roof vent for additional temperature control
  • 15 amp 110-volt outlet
  • Reforested Canadian Hemlock wood

Possible Complaints

  • Small for 2 people

Budget Option

The Good

  • Only sauna designed by Doctors
  • Only option with full spectrum infrared waves
  • Lowest EMF rating in the industry
  • Removable benches for hot yoga
  • Reports of “above and beyond” customer service
  • Eight heaters

Possible Complaints

  • Small for 2 people
  • Pricey for many budgets

Luxury Option

The Good

  • Canadian red cedar wood
  • Easy assembly
  • Seven color chromotherapy
  • Low EMF levels
  • Nine heaters spread throughout the sauna
  • Heats to 140f
  • Includes a magazine rack, CD player, MP3 player plug-in, magazine rack, back rests

Possible Complaints

  • Whle ceder is non-toxic like hemlock, some people with allergies have issues with the natural resins and natural oils when it heats up.

Cedar Option

The Good

  • Easy assembly
  • Roof vent for additional temperature control
  • 15 amp 110-volt outlet
  • Two side windows
  • Reforested Canadian Hemlock wood


  • Much heavier than most indoor saunas at 750 pounds, which may limit placement options.
  • Price tag might exceed some budgets

“Fully-Loaded” Option

Interested in an outdoor sauna?

While there are many advantages to buying an indoor infrared sauna, some people prefer more traditional outdoor saunas.

“A House without a sauna is not a home.”

-Traditional finish saying


Infrared Sauna Benefits

The public are just catching onto the benefits of infrared saunas.  Also personal saunas have become more practical to be set up in houses and condos. This is because unlike traditional steam or dry saunas these heat through rays and can be used more efficiently by temperature than traditional sauna.


Improved Blood Circulation

Infrared saunas heat our bodies up which get our hearts pumping faster as if in a workout.  As Japanese studies have shown, two weeks of daily saunas improves vascular function in patients with mild heart damage and are safer than standard exercise. Through use of infrared saunas our blood flow increases even after our saunas sessions ends.  Additional studies have shown that saunas decrease blood pressure and increase arterial compliance which means healthier and more stress resistant arteries.


Immune System Benefits

Heating our bodies up produces a natural fever state that aids us in fighting off infections and illnesses. So an additional benefit is the creation of disease fighting white blood cells.  Heating the body spurs our immune system to increase production of these cells that flight off incoming diseases and keep our immunity higher.


Lyme Disease Recovery

Doctors recommend the use of saunas to help the body battle the symptoms of Lyme disease.  Author and lifehacker Tim Ferriss credits saunas with helping him in his battle with lyme disease.  The body accumulates a higher level of toxins (including damaging neurotoxins),  Therefore the infrared saunas aids in recovery by allowing the sweat to eliminate them internally.  This requires a slow build up of sessions starting at once a week to several times per week as needed. This also helps with the sore muscles and pain associated with the disease.


Infrared saunas have been shown to be 7x more effective than traditional saunas.  This detoxification is achieved through eliminating toxins through the sweat glands.  Because of air conditioning and increasingly sedentary lifestyles people no longer sweat like we used to.  As our skin absorbs pollutants or gets increasingly clogged this puts additional strain on our organs to detoxify.  Just as the body creates a fever to rid itself of harmful microorganisms, saunas can protect us and raise our immunity levels.


Infrared Saunas and  Weight Loss


While not a stand-alone fix infrared saunas are a valuable addition to any weight loss toolkit.  Saunas mimic a workout at the gym by increasing our heart rate and the body responds by increasing oxygen flow and burning calories.  A whopping 600 calories can be consumed during a half hour infrared saunas session.




Finns have been noted to have incredible skin which is no doubt at least partially due to the popularity of sauna in their country.  Infrared waves help spur the body into increasing production of collagen and elastin. Collagen is well-known to keep skin resilient and glowing and elastin keeps wrinkles away.  As blood flow increases towards the skin during a session there are increased nutrient benefits keeping us look younger and healthier.


Relaxation and socializing

Saunas have traditionally been popular spots for distraction-free socializing.  Saunas allow for private and quiet environments for socialization. The relaxation of the heat and natural wooden ambiance lend themselves to relaxing time to catch-up, get to know each other better, or simply enjoy a peaceful moment silence together.  The best saunas are designed to be relaxing environments for a time out from the rest of the world. In a natural wooden environment free from distractions the sauna has become an oasis of calm for many.


Mental Benefits

The benefits of saunas on mental health is become more and more understood and widely known.  Saunas have been shown to effectively work to prevent alzheimer’s and other mental afflictions.  Part of this is due to the increased production of myelin which helps increase the rate neurons enter and leave the brain.  

Pain Relief & Muscle

Saunas are popular to use after a strenuous workout for several good reasons.  The first is that the increased circulation helps to deliver oxygen rich blood to the deprived muscles as well as relaxing the muscles.  Saunas have also been reported to significantly raise human growth hormone that counteracts the effects of aging and increases muscle mass.  Studies have also been done to prove the long term pain reducing effects of regular sauna use.

What to think about when buying a sauna

Size Needs

Are you planning on using this sauna socially?  Would you like to be able to recline in the sauna?  If so space is an important factor to consider. While smaller saunas are lighter, cheaper, and more efficient; many people prefer the options of a larger indoor sauna.  Choose the sauna that best meets your needs.

Types of heaters


The type and number of heaters will greatly impact the feeling and healing effects of your sauna  Things to consider are the placement of the heaters, the type of heaters, and the number of heaters.  Ceramic infrared heaters have largely been replaced by more efficient and popular carbon heaters. The benefit of more heaters is felt in a more evenly heated sauna experience.  


Types of Wood

It is important to insulate a sauna as much as possible to reduce heat loss and help it run efficiently.  Two things to keep in mind are the thickness of the wood and the type of wood used.


Basswood- Fragrance free and hypoallergenic, this type of wood is unlikley to warp as well.  


Cedar- Pleasing looking with a good response to moisture this wood will not expand and contract with heat as much as other woods.  


Hemlock- A dependable and good looking wood this is a more affordable option popular for sauna construction.


Safe Use


The best way to understand the safety reputation of a sauna as you are shopping is to look for the ISO and CE certifications.  These certifications help ensure that the saunas are built to code and minimize risk factors. It is important that the companies building the saunas have a good reputation.





After a long day or after a workout saunas provide a relaxing and warming space


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