Sauna Accessories

recommended Sauna backrest

JNH Lifestyles Ergonomic S Shape Backrest 2 pack


This two pack of ergonomic backrests are made of 100% oak and are great value for your sauna, especially if you have back issues.  Many saunas come with backrests included since they are so useful.  If you have a smaller sauna you have the option of leaning this against the wall for back support sitting up, otherwise you will be able to enjoy these while laying down.

recommended sauna bucket

Uwecan Sauna Wooden Bucket and Ladle Kit

Made from premium pinewood from Finland this is an authentic and simple bucket and ladle kit.  This is obviously one of the essentials of a traditional sauna.  This is modestly sized but holds 6 liters of water which is more than enough for any single sauna sessions.  Highly rated and reccomended.

best external thermostat/hygrometer

ThermoPro TP63A Digital Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Hygrometer

While many saunas already come with a thermostat, many even an external thermostat, this will keep you informed of your sauna’s temperature from 200 ft away.  This is perfect for those who want to wait until their sauna has warmed up perfectly before getting in.  Ideal for outdoor saunas on a cold day, you can ensure that it has gotten to the right temperature and humididty.

best internal sauna thermometer/hygrometer

MIFXIN Wooden Sauna Hygrothermograph

Made from Finnish pine this is a classic looking thermometer hygrometer hybrid that is made especially for saunas.  In keeping with the natural look of a sauna this is ideal in terms of display and functionality.

best sauna timer

15 Minutes Wooden Sand Hourglass by Fdit

The suggested length of a single sauna session at high heat is around 15 minutes before cooling off and returning.  This simple and affordable timer works very well and looks great.

best sauna rocks

25 lb Box of Replacement Sauna Heater Rocks by The Sauna Place

It’s true that you don’t need to buy specialty sauna rocks but there are several good reasons to do this.  Many rocks are porous and can crack and even explode when water is poured on them while heated.  Many other rocks lack the thermal mass necessary.  These rocks are imported from Finland were the best sauna rocks are found.  If you are going to buy sauna rocks these are the  best you can get.

best sauna “broom”

Oak with Eucalyptus bath broom / Venik Broom by Russian Venik

Using this broom at high temperatures is thought to come with a variety of benefits.   These brooms are not meant for cleaning but for masaging the skin in the sauna and helping generate heat.  These are often found hanging on the wall in traditional saunas and are used to clear colds, improve skin, and stimulate blood flow. 

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