2020’s best Sauna Blankets

The latest form of infrared sauna usage has several advantages: they are affordable, very compact, energy efficient, and can allow for even more relaxation since they allow you to lay down and fully relax.  Here is a listing of the most popular and best reviewed products. 

The Good

  • Temperature can be adjusted from 86℉ to 176℉
  • Digital controls allow you to customize the time and temperature
  • Waterproof and flexible material
  • 7 layers of heat preservation
  • Safety protection switch to ensure heat does not get too high.
  • Temperature display

Possible Complaints

  • This uses a zipper which may be difficult for people with arm and shoulder issues
  • Complaints of the material being too thin to trap the heat

The Good

  • Simple remote system
  • Temperature safety control system
  • Waterproof PVC material

Possible Complaints

  • May be ill fitting for anyone over 5 ft 8
  • Mixed reports on customer service responses

The Good

  • Three independently adjustable heating zones
  • Large temperature adjustment (77-176 f)
  • Heating wire is especially flexible
  • Good reports of customer service

Possible Complaints

  • Some find the controls confusing
  • Less clear instructions than other blankets
  • Several reports of poorly heating defective blankets that needed to be replaced

The Good

  • Double zipper allows you to extend your arms out of the blanket to read or use mobile devices

Possible Complaints

  • Arm hole zippers can get hot
  • Complaints about the remote control

The Good

  • Velcro replaces the zippers meaning it will be easier for those with arm and shoulder issues
  • Higher quality fabrics and heating elements
  • Fast heating

Possible Complaints

  • No timer display
  • Too small for anyone taller than 5 ft 6
  • Complaints that it does not heat enough for some

Interested in an outdoor sauna?

While there are many advantages to buying an indoor infrared sauna, some people prefer more traditional outdoor saunas.

“A House without a sauna is not a home.”

-Traditional finish saying


About infrared Sauna Blankets

The public are just catching onto the benefits of infrared saunas.  Also personal saunas have become more practical to be set up in houses and condos. This is because unlike traditional steam or dry saunas these heat through rays and can be used more efficiently by temperature than traditional sauna.


Improved Blood Circulation

Infrared saunas heat our bodies up which get our hearts pumping faster as if in a workout.  As Japanese studies have shown, two weeks of daily saunas improves vascular function in patients with mild heart damage and are safer than standard exercise. Through use of infrared saunas our blood flow increases even after our saunas sessions ends.  Additional studies have shown that saunas decrease blood pressure and increase arterial compliance which means healthier and more stress resistant arteries.






After a long day or after a workout saunas provide a relaxing and warming space


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