There is something strange afoot in Canada’s westernmost province British Columbia.

A group called BC Mobile Sauna and Spa Society has gotten into the business of taking saunas on the road and for hire.  These saunas can be transported into weddings, festivals, and staff functions.  This great idea was dreamed up and put in motion (no pun intended) in 2000.  Since then the company has expanded to include a sauna tent, sauna bus, sauna van, and finally a sauna dome.

This company has become a hit and recently a documentary has been created about it called Sweat Together.  Speaking to Vancouver is Awesome the documentry’s director explained “For nearly 20 years, a series of enterprising Vancouverites have built mobile saunas around the city. Being unable to afford homes for permanent saunas combined with the desire to sweat in the our plentiful wilderness resulted in the BC Mobile Sauna Society.  Now years in, they have a bus and regularly meet to get naked, get sweaty, and jump into cold water in the name of community building.”  This is the goal of the company, to use sauna to bring people together using the communal environment of the sauna.

The unique sauna atmosphere has participants claiming a feeling of equalization in the room after clothes come off and people sweat together.  This is a feeling somewhat new to many of the first timer participants.  Some have claimed it made them feel more comfortable with their body as well.  The additional benefit of the mobile aspect of the saunas is that To learn more about this group click here.


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