Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Bieber Enjoying Sauna in Lockdown

Written by Mike

March 22, 2021

Even through the quarantine of 2020-2021 it’s possible to be living your best life.  Justin Beiber and his wife Hailey Baldwin have been spending their time at their home in rural Ontario, Canada in style.  Living in a secluded lakeside estate the two of them have taken to posting them enjoying the heat of their amazing sauna and singing its praises.  

This post went viral of Hailey enjoying the sauna overlooking the beautiful landscape in their secluded hideaway:

They are far from the only celebrities to be getting into the health benefits on our bodies and minds.  One potential benefit for Justin is likely to combat his Lyme Disease as sauna has been shown to be a massive tool in battling this debilitating disorder.  As Justin Bieber has frequently mentioned he has struggled with anxiety in the past few years.  There is a lot of science to back up the mental benefits of sauna to both anxiety and depression.


Sauna and Lyme Disease


With Lyme Disease becoming a bigger and bigger issue in the world and doctors getting better at diagnosing it, people are looking for tools to alleviate the debilitating effects.  Justin announced his Lyme disease in early 2020 and that it had gone un-diagnosed for quite some time.  Sauna helps recovery in a number of ways.  While normally the sauna claims of removing toxins and heavy metals are overblown, with Lyme disease these actually do accumulate more and sauna is one tool to help fight that.  Sauna improves sleep quality, reduces soreness and muscle spasms, and helps debilitate the virus itself.


Sauna and Anxiety and Depression


Justin’s struggles with anxiety have been well documented, and he joins the 70% of North Americans who face anxiety daily.  Sauna use has been proven to help our thyroid function which helps control our anxiety.  Quality sleep helps us cope with stress, which studies have shown sauna helps facilitate.  Additionally it helps production of mylein in our brains which leaves us less vulnerable to becoming over-stressed.  Sauna use also helps promote Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) which aids in neural plasticity and anxiety management.


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